Planet Rugby

The wonderful world of Planet Rugby

Sometimes we receive some brilliant things at BeRugby Magazine and we just have to share them with our great readers and followers. This is definitely one of them.

For his homework, 9 year old Jacob was set a task. “Imagine you have discovered a new planet in space. Write a fact file about it.

His Dad, John, wrote to us to kindly share the masterpiece Jacob had penned.

Planet Rugby

The wonderful world of Planet Rugby

“Jacob was given a homework task of discovering his own planet and having to write a fact file about it.

Jacob being the rugby mad boy that he is decided he was going to discover ‘Planet Rugby.’

A planet that is inhabited by over 5 million people (the same number of people that play rugby worldwide), has landmarks such as the Volcanoes of Farrell and has a time-span of only 80 minutes for a normal day.

As I said earlier, my son Jacob is rugby mad. He is only 9 years old but since he was 6 and first started playing rugby, he has never missed a single Sunday since.

Jacob is also an avid Be Rugby Magazine subscriber, he has every edition so far and sleeps with them underneath his pillow, whilst he is cuddling his own rugby ball of course!”

We read Planet Rugby and enjoyed every line. Jacob obviously loves his rugby and is very imaginative and his dad is rightly proud. A great example of children using the game of rugby to benefit their everyday lives.

Thanks for sharing it with us Jacob and John we wish we could go there tomorrow. If your rugby mad kid has used rugby in their homework or elsewhere then please let us know and send it in to

So here it is. Read and enjoy “Planet Rugby” by Jacob aged 9!

The new planet that I have discovered is called “Planet Rugby”.

It is a small planet in our solar system that is hidden just behind Mars.

Planet Rugby is oval and shaped exactly like a rugby ball.

There is life on Planet Rugby but there are only two tribes of people that live there.

The “Forwards” live in the Northern hemisphere and the “Backs” live in the Southern.

Just like a rugby ball the planet is made of four separate leather panels.

The biggest region on the planet is called Webb Ellis.

The weather is normally hot but when it rains it rains mini rugby balls.

A normal day on Planet Rugby lasts 80 minutes.

As the planet is just behind Mars it is also 141 million miles from the sun.

There is one moon and one sun, both are shaped as a rugby boot stud.

In the Southern hemisphere, you will find the “Volcanoes of Farrell”.

The Volcanoes of Farrell are orange and shaped the same as rugby kicking tees.

Over 5 million people live on the planet and they all love playing rugby.

There is only one single flower that grows on Planet Rugby… The red rose.