Try Reading

When I was your age – if you’re under fifteen – I didn’t like reading. I struggled with it. Books were too long and about things I didn’t care about. Like history and dragons and stuff like that. Nothing about sport. Sport. That’s what I really cared about. I wanted to play it. I wanted to watch it. I wanted to live it. But there were very few books about sport to read. For children, anyway.

My mum could see I was struggling, so she started buying a football magazine called Shoot for me. Then another called Match. I liked these. They were about things I was interested in. And they made me more confident about reading. Just at the time that football books for children were beginning to be published.

Now there are six football magazines for kids and hundreds of books. But I never found a rugby magazine I would enjoy. I like Rugby World now, but I can’t see myself reading it aged ten, for instance. That’s why Trytime is such good news for rugby fans.

At last a rugby magazine that children can enjoy. And I am happy to be part of it. During the season I am going to be blogging about rugby. A bit out watching it. Live and on TV, A bit about other stuff. My daughter and I have season tickets at Yorkshire Carnegie and we sometimes go and watch Sale over in Manchester. So I can blog about that. My daughter – who is 12 – plays in the school team, so I could blog about that too. And I’ll blog generally about the game. The autumn internationals.

Another thing I want to do is do short Q&As with Trytime readers, asking what you like about the game and if you read much about it.

If you want me to blog about something in particular, just say. And if you want to be one of my Q&A interviewees, just say. You could find yourself on this website.

Tom Palmer is a children’s author. Eight of his books are about rugby. His most popular rugby books are his Rugby Academy series, featuring a rugby-mad school and their quest to win the British, then European and World Schools rugby championships. You can read more about his books at