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The life of a Rugby Mum – Episode 7

I’ve started drafting this blog three times now, let’s hope it’s third time lucky! I was going to rant about the recent suggestion that contact rugby be banned in schools, I ended up boring myself, I think we all know what my opinion is. Then I started writing about how I’d been roped in to help at the club and that was turning into a whinge and I don’t do moaning, so I sent both those drafts to the trash. Let’s face it there’s enough doom and gloom in the world without me adding to it by moaning.

Rugby mum

So, this weekend saw the East Kent Festival with our club hosting the Under 10’s teams, and what a fab day it was too. Our very own Matt Parker organised the event along with his glamorous assistants, Elaine, Alex and myself and his not so glamorous assistant Paul. Where would he have been without us?

The rugby kicked off at 10:00am and the last game finished at around 1:30pm, we had six pitches being played with teams from across East Kent, the atmosphere was buzzing. On top of that we also had the Under 13’s, the Under 15’s, the Ladies and the Vets all playing at some point during the day – I guess you could say it was a busy day of rugby at the club!

And as we are one club, I decided to use my powers of persuasion to get some of our first team down to the festival to help out as pitch marshals, and five of them did me proud.

As promised boys, here is your shout out, in no particular order! Rhys Fussell (First Team Captain), Steve Tanner, Ollie Finn, Craig Coggle and Andy Ticehurst – THANK YOU!

The kids loved having you there, it was much appreciated by not just the kids but the parents and coaches as well. Some were even slightly star struck and asked me more than once if that really was the first team captain? It took me a minute to convince them that he really had turned up – they were super impressed.Rugby mum

Our festivals are all about the fun and taking part, I do understand the idea behind it but I do feel that the kids should learn about competition. It’s not just about learning to lose graciously but I feel they also need to learn to win graciously too. Sport is competitive so surely the earlier they learn about competition and winning and losing the better – but that’s just my opinion. We still had an amazing day of rugby!

Next week sees us home training at home and the week after away to Thanet, we have a great busy season this year.