Rugby adventures – kids coaching in the USA!

Earlier this month we announced an exciting partnership with Hard Edge Rugby coaching. Over the next few months we will be bringing you their great coaching tips, hints and advice.

However, they are now off to Chicago to coach in clubs and schools there, so we will be bringing you news of their experience in a regular blog until they return.

So follow the guys as they cross the pond and experience their own American dream.


Chicago welcomes Hard Edge Rugby

48 Hours to go…

With 48 hours to go we are still confirming and planning additional sessions. We have linked up with a programme with the aim of introducing rugby to 1000 students in 9 days as part of their PE module in school. This now takes us up to roughly 17 FREE coaching sessions within the state of Illinois across all age groups and abilities. As the preparation continues and the hours count down, the enormity of this project we started in May is dawning upon us. Who would have ever thought two mates who came up with an idea one evening would be traveling to Chicago, USA 3 months later to coach rugby? But thanks to our hard work and the help of others the dream of promoting rugby and providing non-for profit coaching would have not come together so quickly. We are really excited to be both coaching the game and getting to know the supporters, coaches and fans to gain an insight of the differences and similarities of the game in the USA. We are also looking forward to seeing the bright city lights of Chicago, College football and some high school basketball in our down time with our host families. After months of preparation, negotiations and communications we look forward to seeing our new friends in Chicago and getting down to work on a project we guarantee will be beneficial for all involved. Also, a massive thanks to BeRugby Magazine who we announced an official partnership with earlier this week. We very much look forward to working alongside each other and providing high quality coaching content.