Rugby Hero

Ode to the Hero by Steve Kelly

We stumbled across this great little ditty by Steve Kelly the U11 coach at Medway RFC, apparently composed after a beer and a run (not necessarily in that order!)

Steve kindly let us share it, as we are sure many will relate to it. Thanks Steve and keep running!

Have you written any great rugby prose or poetry? If so let us know, we love to read and share the rugby love.

Ode to the Hero…by Steve Kelly

“Look at him go” they shout, it’s yet another try for Billy

Johnny looks on, another missed tackle, oh man am I silly

Billy’s got the ball again, passed straight to him from the start

Today Johnny might make one tackle, he’s trying with all of his heart!

Billy’s first on the A team list , next week it’s the  big match

Johnny’s playing a game as well, even though he can hardly catch

Billy is the star of the team, the best by far every week

Johnny’s best bit of the day is the clubhouse, for the game of hide and seek

But as the boys start to grow bigger, Billy starts getting beat

Johnny’s grown too and is getting stuck in, what an amazing feat!

Billy might give up this game, he’s no longer getting satisfaction

But Johnny’s been at the club since he was 6, the environment’s the attraction

So Billy calls it a day, at the ripe old age of thirteen

Johnny’s learned to play now, the best he’s ever been…

And in case you didn’t realise, this isn’t what it seems

For Billy and Johnny of course, are from two different teams…

One for coaches’ glory, the adulation and the “fame”

The other for the enjoyment, and the spirit of the game

So remember the boy on the pitch that you think may be worth a zero

He’s out there having a go, a mini rugby hero!


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