Rugby Ball Light

Must enter competition for Rugby Fans!

The Rugby Ball Light. Designed specifically for rugby fans!


The rugby ball light is the must have gift of this year! It is brand new and available now at

We already have ours at BeRugby HQ and we love it.



The great guys who make the rugby ball light have given us one to use as a prize in a competition. So now is your chance to win it to light up your room!

It’s easy. Just answer the following question and email your answer to

Q – The Rugby Ball Light is a replica of which size rugby ball?

Hint – The answer may be on the website


Want to be sure of owning the best rugby item of this year?


Then go to and use our exclusive discount code tt16 for an amazing 15% off. We might buy another one!


The RFU Rose and the words ‘England Rugby’ are official registered trade marks of the Rugby Football Union. The Gilbert logo and the Oval / Ellipse trim device is a registered trade mark of Gilbert Rugby.

The competition will run for 2 weeks (last day to enter Friday 16th December 2016) and the winner will be announced on this website and contacted directly via email.