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Mother’s Day: In honour of the pitch-side mums

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and my social media is bombarded with pictures of kids making breakfast to be served in bed, and cute afternoon teas…

For rugby mums however, this is far from reality.

I was pulled aside this morning by my son’s Coach, Lee, affectionally known as Winto. “Nima, fancy a real treat for Mother’s Day next week?” He grinned cheekily, towering over me. For a moment I had visions of a transformed Clubhouse…of a beautiful afternoon tea laid out on round tables. I even ventured to imagine the mums being served by our boys, all nice and clean, in crisp white shirts and Syston ties.

Rugby mum“Kitchen duty,” he bellowed, dashing my far-fetched dreams.

Oh yes, it had slipped my mind. The U12s are on the rota for Mothers’ Day to serve up food and teas in the Clubhouse all morning…and we lose an hour of sleep!

Fact is, for most rugby mums, Mother’s Day is business as usual. Rather than dreamy cuddles and insta-worthy bouquets of flowers, we’ll be wrapping up, dragging the kids out of bed, and shooting over to the Club for a morning of rugby.

Will we be optimistic enough to hope for some Spring sun? I wouldn’t dare. But surely we can at least pray for no rain? Being a rugby parent means we’ve long said goodbye to lazy Sunday mornings, whatever the occasion, and whatever the weather.

But it’s far from miserable…if it was, we wouldn’t be doing it, would we? Instead of a mushy Mother’s Day full of pink rosy stuff, I’ll be having a sort of communal celebration of rugby-mum-hood with all of the other mums and dads at the Club.

As we do every Sunday, we’ll be on the touchlines for Mothering Sunday, in a sort of rugby-parent-bond. Together, we’ll be kitted out in our scarves and wellies, cheering on our kids, while sipping lukewarm coffee in our keep-cups. This is the real Mother’s Day deal for rugby mums, and it’s a lot of fun.

We’ll dutifully return home, laden with gifts of dirty kit, boots, and bibs. But once the last traces of mud are out of sight, I’m hoping—and will be dropping plenty of hints—for some well-deserved R&R.

Mother’s Day might not be what the glossy brochures are made of, but rugby mums are made of tough stuff. And there’s nothing more lovable than a Mother’s Day cuddle from your favourite muddy rugby player.

Whatever you’re up to on Mothering Sunday, wishing you all a lovely Mother’s Day.

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Nima Suchak