Rugby Mum

The life of a rugby mum. Episode 9

First of all, let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! It feels like forever since I shared my last musings on life as a rugby Mum and as you can imagine a lot has happened in that time. The most obvious being Christmas and New Year but we also had Remembrance Sunday, my college course started ‘proper’ and that thing called life!

The tail end of last year was a difficult one at Ashford RFC, we lost a beloved rugby Mum and then just a short time later we lost one of our young players.In my role, as ‘social media guru’ it was the hardest task ever to find the right words to inform our followers, I hope I did them both proud. I didn’t know either of them personally but it really struck a nerve with me. And with the new year rolling in it made me think, yes, it is a cliché but life really is short, embrace it, enjoy it, LIVE it!

Rugby mumRemembrance Sunday was as always respected with a two-minute silence, and as Sunday’s is Mini’s and Juniors day I often approach it with some trepidation, but this year as they do every year they did us proud. It was an honour to be at the club where you could hear a pin drop as the entire club came to a standstill and was quiet, such an atmosphere it’s so difficult to put into words. My new #tag is #oneclub and it really was that day!

And talking of #oneclub, it wouldn’t be a true rugby club without the obligatory Christmas Party, fancy dress all the way! Only problem was I had other commitments that night but as ‘my boys’ won their seventh game on the spin I thought it would be rude not to pop in and congratulate them! And who was I greeted by? It’s not an obvious one! There was a gingerbread man, there was a funky Christmas suit, there was even Santa! But Jesus and a Turkey were by my side! And yes I really am that short!

rugby mumI admit that I have missed my Sunday mornings at the club (not the weather though), between college, cancellations due to weather and the Christmas break I feel a bit hard done by! And as I’m writing this whilst sat on the train, on my way to college again, its yet another weekend I will miss. Although I must give a shout out to Jenny, my fellow rugby Mum who is taking my dude this week for me! I do sometimes wonder what I would do without my rugby family, they are all pretty epic!

We often hear about the rugby lifestyle and how if you are involved in rugby in any way you become part of a wider family, but watching the club pull together in times of difficulty and how my fellow rugby Mum’s are supporting me, it really has become apparent how true that is.

I love my rugby family! #oneclub