Rugby Mum

The life of a Rugby Mum – Episode 8

Well following a lovely week in the sun in Lanzarote my rugby dude was away to Thanet Wanderers RFU this week and boy was I feeling the difference in the weather!

We spent much of our time discussing our various ways of keeping warm whilst watching our respective rugby kids! It was established that we have various grades of coat, this ranges from the lightweight waterproof, all the way through to the heavy duty all weather, furry hooded, fleece lined kind of coat that resembles a sleeping bag!

How much a good hat is essential, along with gloves – usually thermal! Then I mentioned that I also use hand and foot warmers which some of the other Mums hadn’t thought of, another Mum suggested maybe we should tuck a hot water bottle into our coats! Do you get the impression we all feel the cold? Maybe we should design a rugby ball hot water bottle cover?

Actually, BeRugby mentioned sourcing some Rugby Mum merchandise maybe the hot water bottle cover could be an option? Along with thermal socks, gloves, hats, scarves, hoodies…….you can see where I’m going with this!

Winter is most definitely here, it wasn’t so long ago our club looked like this;

Rugby mum

Now I know this isn’t traditional rugby weather but you have to admit it beats the driving rain, the wind, the dark clouds and the cold!

I did want to put some pics in of my fellow rugby Mum’s but they all seem to be a bit camera shy! I’ll see if I can get some over the course of the season, they are after all part of my rugby family!

Rugby mumAnyway, even though we weren’t in the country and missed a week’s ‘proper’ training, my rugby dude still insisted on doing some training whilst we were away. His words were “I’m missing rugby, I need to play some rugby!”, of course I was in trouble as I hadn’t packed a rugby ball, because of course that should have been the first thing in the case! So he got me to buy a rugby ball whilst we were out there and we played ‘pool’ rugby! Then he took it upon himself to issue a plank challenge!

I declined this time round, I’m on holiday!

Happy holidays were had! It seems you can never escape rugby! But then would you really want to?