Rugby Mum

The life of a rugby mum. Episode 6.

So, the 2017/18 season is well and truly underway!  It feels so good to be back, although time off was good, I do miss the rugby crowd when we’re not there.

This season is going to be a bit strange for me because I have decided to embark on a new venture, a venture which was inspired by my rugby dude and my amazing sports therapist, Erin Rose, I am going to be training as a Sports Therapist.

Now I have mixed emotions about this, on the one hand I am super excited, but on the other hand I’m going to miss four sessions of rugby!  I know it’s not actually that many but the first one was this weekend, and I have to say it felt most odd, I was at college in London whilst my rugby dude was at training.  I must admit I missed it.  Best not tell everyone though hey!


The Rugby Grandad!

Thankfully Isaac has a Rugby Grandad who stepped in to take him to training, any excuse to go down the rugby club.

 Rugby Grandad with his team 1976/77 season – he’s the one holding the ball!

The weekend was amazing and I can’t wait to get practising, the plan is to help all the kids that suffer with the usual aches and pains of any sports person, preventing injury rather than treating the injury!

So, following a Sunday where I missed training, I was cheered up when I received an email from one of Isaac’s coach’s, I’m going to quote it as it way easier than trying to explain!

“Anita, following this message from Quins, would you like to write something about Isaac?

He has been a star this pre-season, that creative dummy pass! His confidence levels and communication with his peers. Absolute example of what Quins are looking for.”

This was following on from the Harlequins Community Coaching Camp he attended in the summer, well bowled over doesn’t come close, this Rugby Mum is bursting with pride.  I knew he had made progress but when you get emails like that you know it’s not just your imagination! Super proud Rugby Mum!

Rugby Dude!

Rugby Dude!