Rugby Mum

The life of a rugby mum. Episode 4

So technically the rugby season is over, but anyone that is involved with rugby will know that it’s never really over!

The season closed with our awards ceremony weekend which was great fun.  Medals, trophies, a BBQ and games of rounder’s and parents/kids bulldog (I’m proud to say I was the last parent standing which my Mum and Dad found quite amusing as they know how competitive I am!). Well that was entertainment in itself.  It saw one of our coaches being tackled to the ground by three or four kids, much to their amusement but what they didn’t realise was he ended up revealing parts of his body reserved for his wife!  All the kids were oblivious to this, the adults watching had tears of laughter and he was mortified.  He only joined us this season. Well all I can say is ‘Welcome to the rugby family!’ 

And this was the group photo. I took many but I haven’t got one single one where they are all looking the same way – love em!

Rugby Mum

Group Photo!

 So, with rugby season over I thought I could look forward to a Sunday morning lay in. No! The weekend following the awards I embarked on a new project and along with an amazing friend and yoga instructor we ran our first retreat.  Epic, yes, tiring, most definitely, will I do it again – it’s in the planning already!

But the retreat meant I missed the end of season Club ball but from what I hear and the posts I’ve seen on social media a good time was had by all, but I have made a note to myself, make sure you’re working next year too, that way they never get to see you in a dress!

Now I bet you’re thinking ‘great she can have her Sunday’s back!’ then you would be mistaken!  Sunday 28th May saw England play the Barbarians in the Old Mutual Cup so what did I do?  That’s right I took my rugby dude to Twickenham for his first England game. The atmosphere was amazing, we had the best time.  We watched an awesome game of attacking rugby, we sang, we cheered and best of all he got to see his hero, Danny Care, score a try in the final minute – couldn’t have wished for more.  In Isaac’s words “Totally epic!”

So now would be when I say that’s it, end of season for a few weeks until training starts again – nope!  Saturday saw Tovaar, a Dutch team, visit the club so obviously when I asked my rugby dude if he wanted to play he said “Of course!”  How silly of me?  I really should know better by now!

Saturday afternoon we packed ourselves up for rugby, I must admit that felt quite odd, and off we headed to the club!  Two coach loads of Dutch players arrived and by merging the Under 9’s and Under 10’s we all managed to field two teams, one slight issue – they were playing touch, that said even though he wasn’t happy about the lack of contact he played well and the team got over their initial reservations and did themselves proud.  Won one, lost one – seems quite fair to me.

I feel a shout out to our first team is needed now as a couple of them popped down to watch.  That’s the community spirit of rugby right there, so thanks Ben and “the other chap” your support didn’t go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.  Although I’m not entirely sure their visit didn’t have something to do with the fact that the bar was open!

So, Sunday I finally got my lay in, and glorious it was too, but the life of a rugby Mum continues, I’m already discussing fixtures and social events with one of the coaches and trying to plan retreats around rugby!

Rugby is most definitely a big part of our lives now, and he has even complained because he’s not playing enough now it’s out of season (there’s only so much rugby I’ll play in the garden!)!  So, for a few weeks at least I have some time off, looking forward to the next season with the Spitfires, now the Under 10’s!

Rugby mum

The teams!