The life of a rugby mum. Episode 3.

So, my intention was to write this blog once a week, well that didn’t happen did it?  March is my manic month of birthdays (mine included), we all have one month of the year that is birthday mad don’t we?  Well March is mine and as much as I love rugby and I have enjoyed writing about life as a rugby Mum, the blog got put to the bottom of the to do list, with buying presents, cards, wrapping paper, organising birthday parties, etc taking priority.  But it occurred to me that we only have a few weeks left of the season and I really need to give you another instalment about the madness that is life as a rugby Mum!


Ashford Spitfires

Meet the team, this is the Ashford Spitfires, and coaches, on the training day when Harlequin’s and England Under 20’s player Harry Sloan came to visit.  What a day for the entire Mini’s of Ashford RFC. They got to do a Q & A session and got their shirts signed (that bit was unexpected) so £32 lighter I purchased a new shirt for the next week! I’m banned from washing it even though it is covered in mud! My purse was feeling that visit – but hey worth every penny to see how much the kids enjoyed the chance to talk to a ‘real life’ professional player.  Even the coaches were a little star struck!

Then came the Under 9’s festival at Cranbrook RFC, what a welcome. Cranbrook is a great club to visit, always so welcoming and friendly.  Now there were no winners or losers as we’re not ‘allowed’ to compete yet – not sure how I’m feeling about that right now if I’m honest.  I like the idea of no first or second team at this age as they are all learning and developing at different rates, and they will all have to play together at some point as the team sizes increase, but not to win or lose?  I’d love to hear what you all think about this as I have yet to speak to someone that agrees with the no competition ideal.  Me personally, and this is just my opinion, so please don’t shoot me, but I feel that we all need to learn how to recover from setbacks, learning to lose in a sportsmanlike manner is essential, so why not teach them now?  As I said I’d love to hear what you think?

The festival also happened to fall on Mother’s Day, but hey I love my dude and I got to spend all day on the Saturday with my gorgeous family for my birthday so I wasn’t really that worried.  And let’s face it rugby is going to fall on Mother’s Day for the next few years, after two seasons so far, so I’d best get used to it!


Running rugby!

And what a glorious sunny day, in fact the last few weeks have been glorious, I mean look at how sunny it was at Cranbrook.  Well the weather certainly hasn’t been rugby weather but I am definitely not complaining!  I even got slightly sun burnt at training this week!  Who’d have thought that would happen on a rugby pitch?

We’re nearly at the end of the second week of the Easter Holidays and I have been out in the garden practicing passing with my rugby dude, hay fever has kicked in and he’s just too fast for me now!!  But I love that he still wants his old Mum to go out and play and I love that he is still so committed at such a young age to keep learning and improving – he has come such a long way in a year, all thanks to his rugby family.

No rugby this weekend, the club is however running an Easter Egg hunt, lots of chocolatey fun, then we are away to Deal and Betteshanger RFC and then the countdown to having a Sunday morning lie in is well and truly underway! Until next time folks, have a good week and enjoy your rugby!