The Life of a rugby Mum. Episode 2.

Wow! That is the best word I can find to describe how I feel about the comments made on the last blog, thank you all so much for your positive feedback. It means a great deal to me.

This week I will admit that I have been struggling to find the inspiration, but your amazing support has spurred me on to write something about the fantastic training session we had this week, what a way to finish the half term.

I will openly say that I am one of those Mum’s that enjoys having her kids off school, not just because I get to have a lay in, but I also get to spend quality time with the three most special people in my life.  Even if that means being used as a tackle pad!  Who knew a nine-year-old could carry such force?  I had a bruise on my belly from his shoulder!

Before I knew it, the week was over and we were back on the rugby pitch.  No need for wellies this week as we were bathed in glorious sunshine, yes it was cold but the sun always makes it more bearable.


Sportsmanship at work

This week saw us training at home with our local rivals Canterbury RFC, and what a turn out. Not sure if it was the free kid’s hot dogs, the weather or the fact that it was Canterbury visiting but the whole club was heaving, not just the Spitfires (under 9’s). I love to see the club that busy, all those enthusiastic young players, their coaches and their parents all make for a buzzing atmosphere.

After a full training session, it would have been rude not to play a match, now wouldn’t it?

The Spitfires and Canterbury Under 9’s had enough players to field two teams with subs. I know how awesome? Well I am happy to say that my son’s team won their match, credit to Canterbury they didn’t make it easy. How did the other team get on? Canterbury beat them, but fun was had by all with some great rugby being played.

Next week is going to be super exciting – Harlequins Community coaches are visiting and rumour has it that a Harlequins player will be joining them! Not sure who’s more excited me or my dude!

Until next week…….


I know how that pad feels

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