Rugby Mum

The life of a rugby mum. Episode 10

I must be mad! Its ok I can hear all that know me wholeheartedly agreeing with that statement because it is a fact! But let me explain why in this particular instance.

We all know I love rugby and we all know I love ‘my boys’ as I affectionately refer to our first team. Well because of my love for both I decided in my infinite wisdom to arrange for the kids to carry out a guard of honour.  When I suggested that I do this I wasn’t aware just how much I would end up stressing over it!

You see our first team had a big quarter final game against Royston RFC in the National Junior Vase, and if they get through to the final they end up playing at the hallowed ground of Twickenham – no pressure lads! As this was a home game I wanted to do something nice for them that brought the club together.


ARFC 2028

So, many emails later nagging coaches to email parents we had an amazing 20 mini’s turn out to do an accompanied run on with the boys!

Also watching the game was a ‘Rugby Dad’ of one of the first team players!  He came up with the slogan for this photo ‘AFRC 2028’!  Richard it’s the best! Even when your kids are grown up, you’re still their Rugby Mum or Dad, that will never change, I had an insight of what is to come!

Isaac was a little star struck as he got to run on with our team Captain Rhys, who is also our scrum half the position Isaac aspires to play in!  Well you can imagine his reaction when Rhys scored a try! When the final whistle went, and we had won 20-5, I think he deserved a new accolade of ‘Supporter of the Match’! He really did get behind the team, no complaints

Rugby mum

Captain/Scrum Half Rhys Fussell in action with a strong pack!

about the weather just 100% support and enthusiasm, oh and a bit of pitch side coaching!  His passing comment as we left was “Can we come to the next home game please Mum?” – I can see me being in the dog house for spending too much time at the rugby!

Unfortunately, this was the only rugby for us this weekend as mini’s training was cancelled due to poor weather and pitch conditions, the photo doesn’t show how muddy they got, this was the first half, it was a mud bath quite soon after.

So, a rare Sunday morning lay in for me, and I made the most of it!  Fingers crossed for some mini’s rugby next week, I’ve already been roped in to agreeing to watch the firsts again!