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The life of a rugby Mum. Episode 1!

Life of a rugby Mum.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Anita and I am a rugby Mum!  I have been asked by the fab guys at BeRugby Magazine to write a blog about the life of a rugby Mum – well more specifically my life as a rugby Mum!  My son plays for our local club (Ashford RFC) and is currently in the Under 9’s or as we affectionately call them the Spitfires.  I will openly admit to you I have never done this before, but I am so excited to be part of such a fun magazine for our rugby kids!

Now, this week I’m thinking it would be rude not to mention the Six Nations, we are two weeks in and I have one very excited nine-year-old, “Rugby is on every weekend Mum!’ Yep we know what we’re watching, but Dad isn’t too happy (He is not a rugby fan!).  Saturday saw a very important game – England v Wales – how could we not watch?  I knew I would miss the first 10-15 minutes but I had told him I would watch the rest as soon as I got home.  Well I got a message “Dad won’t let me watch the rugby”. Oh no, my heart sank, he loves his rugby but his Dad not so much.  What do I do?  I stepped into referee mode “get him to record it we’ll watch it when I get home”.

Well I’m so glad he did, what a game.  We screamed and cheered and groaned and couldn’t look at times but wow!  That is how rugby should be played.  A true inspiration to all those young players out there. Both teams played smooth, physical, fast and entertaining rugby. AWESOME!

But before you know it the celebrations of an England win are over and Sunday has arrived and it’s time for Mini’s rugby.  It’s a good job I love both my son and rugby as mornings like this are not for the faint hearted especially in the sleet and cold.  I wrap myself up, make a flask of coffee and don my wellies.  We’re off to train at home.

Rugby Fun in the mud!

Rugby Fun in the mud!

My first job on arrival, after ensuring he has his gum shield in – why do they forget the basics?  Is to help put the shelter up. We are very lucky our coaches look after us parents but I still get muddy. Is it worth all this? I hear you ask. Well that’s easy it’s an emphatic yes!  To watch my boy improve week on week, grow as a person and play a sport he loves makes every rain drop, every bit of mud, every early Sunday morning worth it.  He was picked to play as scrum half this week as it seems to be his natural position (watch out Danny Care) he was awesome although I would say that. But genuinely he was.  Such pride fills you when they train well. The commitment he gives just proves that rugby is more than just a sport. Rugby to me means – respect, teamwork, love, friendship, family – need I say more!

Next week we have our arch rivals visiting, Canterbury RFC, always good to have some healthy competition and even better, the kids get hot dogs after the match!  So, until then enjoy your week and enjoy your rugby.

Anita will be writing her “Life of a rugby Mum” article for BeRugby each week. So keep an eye out for her great blogs that we can all relate to.