Rugby Rucksacks

Exciting new sports rucksacks!

Introducing Sportpax: an exciting new line of sports-themed backpacks for kids. These bags are original, fun and strong. Perfect for your rugby and sports mad kids and we have a great BeRugby discount!

Read on for this brilliant offer and get your kids their own original backpack for a birthday, as a gift or just because you love them and they love rugby!

Rugby rucksacks

Kids love these great backpacks!

Sportpax is the idea of Tony Brown. One day Tony looked at his children’s plain backpacks and it occurred to him that they could be so much more than ordinary. Being part of an active family, and with friends also raising young, sports-mad children, soon his idea came to create backpacks with iconic, fun designs in the shape of sports balls. After tweaking the design over the last few years to combine fun, creativity, space and functionality, and encouraged by his friends and family, Sportpax are proud to present the finished product.

Sportpax bags are tough, resilient and spacious – perfect for cramming in bits for school, taking to the park, and of course, for any sporting activity. Inside are handy pockets and dividers to store anything from pens to mobile phones. The shell of the bag is specially designed to maintain its shape, whilst still being soft and malleable enough to be extra safe for your children. They are easy to wipe clean too, so will stand up to the demands of your child’s energetic lifestyle!

Sportpax want all parents and children to be happy and proud of their Sportpax bag, so they welcome any suggestions, requests and feedback about our designs, and look forward to introducing some brand new ones very soon – perfect for all little sports-men and women!

To get your brilliant Sportpax backpack go to their website and don’t forget to use the discount Berugby2017. You also get free postage and packaging so what are you waiting for?! This offer lasts until July 14th 2017.

rugby rucksack

Awesome rugby backpack in black

Sportpax rugby