Hardedge Rugby

Coaching adventures in the USA.

Hardedge coaches Dom and Dan have blogged their diary entries for us during their amazing adventures coaching kids and other coaches in Chicago!

20th August 2017

The Countdown Begins…

Hard Edge Rugby – International Coaching was founded by Dominic Hardman & Daniel Edge in May 2017, with ambitions of providing high quality coaching clinics and to develop the game globally. On our first trip we will be working with the players and coaches of The Chiefs Rugby Team based in Chicago, USA. We first came in contact with the Chiefs over social media and met with them whilst they were on tour in the UK. Shortly after plans where discussed. With just under two weeks until we leave the excitement is building and all the hard work by Hard Edge and Tom Kean (Head Coach, Chiefs Rugby Club) is taking shape and has the makings of a hugely beneficial and exciting trip. With a minimum of 11 sessions taking place over 16 days with the possibility of a few extra we have a jam-packed schedule ahead! A key element of our programmes we offer is that we not only coach the players but we coach the coaches so we can leave a lasting impression and ensure the best training systems and drills are used moving forward. To compliment the programmes we provide fully tailored coaching manuals. We are really looking forward to working with the Chiefs Rugby Club this coming September. We will be blogging with BE Rugby Magazine regularly and will be posting on our social Media Channels. 

Hardedge rugby

The girls training hard under the skills of Hardedge Coaching

31st August 2017

48 Hours to go…

With 48 hours to go we are still confirming and planning additional sessions. We have linked up with a programme with the aim of introducing rugby to 1000 students in 9 days as part of their PE module in school. This now takes us up to roughly 17 FREE coaching sessions within the state of Illinois across all age groups and abilities. As the preparation continues and the hours countdown the enormity of this project we started in May is dawning upon us. Who would of ever thought two mates who came up with an idea one evening would be traveling to Chicago, USA 3 months later to coach rugby? But thanks to our hard work and the help of others the dream of promoting rugby and providing non-for-profit coaching would have not come together so quickly. We are really excited to be both coaching the game and getting to know the supporters, coaches and fans to gain an insight of the differences and similarities of the game in the USA. We are also looking forward to seeing the bright city lights of Chicago, College football and some high school basketball in our down time with our host families. After months of preparation, negotiations and communications we look forward to seeing our new friends in Chicago and getting down to work on a project we guarantee will be beneficial for all involved. Also, a massive thanks to BeRugby Magazine who we announced a official partnership with earlier this week. We very much look forward to working alongside each other and providing high quality coaching content. 

Hardedge rugby

Scrum in the sun!

2nd September 2017

4000 Miles from home, our first days coaching…

After a few days of settling in our first day had rolled around. Our programme started at GMS School where we would be involved in coaching over 900 children a day for 9 days. With groups ranging from 40 to 180 children we knew we had a busy few days ahead delivering rookie rugby training. After 9 sessions at GMS school we then had time to grab a quick coffee before the work with the Chiefs rugby club begun. The first session with the Chiefs was with their high school team, with their first game of the season the following Saturday we had to tailor our session to ensure we could have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. Our second session was with the Middle school team, we carried out a dynamic session showing some new tackle techniques and running through an adaptive attacking drill. The session was enjoyable for all and ended with an epic game of kick tennis!

On Wednesday (6th Sept) we were back at GMS School bright and early preparing for another day with over 900 children! Later that day we carried out a “Coaches coaching session” with 13 local coaches. This is one of the main reason we came to the US, to work with coaches and dedicated volunteers with genuine ambitions to grow the game and up the standard. These people are the foundation of the game around the world and give up hours of their spare time to help. We went through numerous drills and rules and created individual profiles for each coach allowing them to have the most accurate and beneficial feedback. We then typed up their notes and gave them a session to plan that they could deliver in the next two sessions.