Canterbury Rugby

Canterbury stash. We just love it!

The guys at Canterbury are so proud of their clothing that they sent us some to try out and review.

We received a pair of adult England shorts, an adult England rugby shirt as well as one of their vapo-dry adult t-shirts. We were also lucky to get a junior England shirt as well as junior England tracksuit bottoms and training tops. At first sight it all seemed to be top stash. Lucky us!

Men’s England Vapodri+ home jersey and shorts.

Men’s England Vapodri training shorts £32

Men’s England Vapodri Home Pro Jersey £70 available from

We really like the England shirt and shorts. As soon as we took them out of the packet we could see the quality of both items. The material is excellent and feels like it would last a full rugby match despite not being playing kit. The new blue faded sleeves and red stitching may split opinion, but we think it looks awesome. This top is perfect to pop on with a pair of jeans and head down the pub or off to HQ to cheer England on. The shorts are light and strong, perfect for training or just lounging around in, it’s up to you! The top is £70 which may seem like a lot of money, but you really are getting a lot for your cash. The shorts are only £32.

Mens Vapodri CCC logo t-shirt.

Mens Vapodri CCC Logo tee £17

Bargain alert! A surprising hit was this Canterbury logo t-shirt. The look was simple but great, blue in colour with the scorpion Canterbury logo across the chest. The vapodri material felt strong and would hold up to numerous training sessions or lazy days in the sun paired up with the England shorts. You won’t get a better tee than this for a mere £17.

Junior England clothing.

To be fully featured in our New Year edition but we thought we would let you know about these junior rugby items.

The kids England top (aged 10) isn’t lacking anything in quality compared to the adults. It is strong and looks great. The bright white colour held up over a few washes and didn’t dull. This really is an awesome present that would go down well with your future rugby stars.

However, the stars of this show are the training top and tracksuit bottoms. With the cold weather outside some excellent insulation is needed. The training top and bottoms provide this without being to bulky to run around and move in. The top looks extremely smart and is highly durable and could easily pass as a lighter coat when going out. This is high class kit for your rugby mad kids.

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