Alex Lozowski on preseason

We were lucky enough to grab five minutes with Saracens star, Alex Lozowski, and talk preseason. 

How has Pre-season been going?

It’s been hard. We’ve only been back training a couple of days but a few of us have been away on holiday and enjoying our five weeks off on the beach and now we are back. Its good to see your friends and catch up but the hard work starts and the first couple of days have been really hard.

So, run us through a few things you have done in pre-season?

Started off with some weights and stuff and I have been in the gym building some mobility and stretching, those kinds of things. Getting back into a bit of rugby, some games and chucking a ball around. A lot of running as well which is necessary even though it’s hard, it’s been a good start and hopefully we can make improvements and get fitter and stronger as the weeks go by.

Has much changed for this preseason due to the World Cup and the later start to the season?

Yeah, I think so. Subtle changes to what we do, our strength and conditioning team are experienced and have done these World Cup years before. I think there will be some slight changes like a bit of time off in the middle to catch up, so we don’t burn out by the time the season starts.

On the back of an awesome season last season, have you been able to enjoy that or is it a case of put it to the back of your mind and let’s start again?

I think all the sitting back and enjoying it has been done in the five weeks you get off. I guess that’s the time to celebrate and appreciate what we have achieved in the last season. We come back in now and have not mentioned once what happened last season. It’s all about getting better again this season, we can’t afford to look back on last year it’s all about looking forward.

Sarries are renowned for being like a family so how are the new guys settling in?

I’ve met the new guys this week, there’s a few new Academy guys getting used to things. Saracens don’t lose or bring in too many new people each year, so I guess it’s nice for the new lads to be able to get to know people quite well. I was made to feel really welcome when I first joined so I will try to do the same for them.

Do you have any games this season that you personally are looking forward to?

Yeah, I think the Saracens v Harlequins game at the new Tottenham Stadium will be great. We have had a bit of rivalry against Quins recently so that will be one to look forward to.

Any rugby advice for our readers?

Of course. Make sure you enjoy your rugby and don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Play other sports when you are young and when you get older you can decide to focus on a sport such as rugby.