A day in the life of a Pro rugby player – Adam Preocanin

This is a brief introduction to give you an idea of a day in the life of a professional rugby player. Each player is different but this is a routine that I follow and fit around the structured rugby training and sessions.

7.10am Sleep is important so I wake up as late as possible before having to get to training. To do this I organise my kit, breakfast and lunch the night before so I don’t have to mess around in the morning – just jump in the shower.

7.45am After making my breakfast in a NutriBullet I jump on my bike to training, which is only a five minute cycle. I like to live close to training so I can get the most amount of sleep!

8.00am Once at training all the players are tested to make sure we’re in the best shape to train properly. The staff measure things like our stress levels, mood, and fatigue using a smartphone app; and our weight, flexibility, and power output in the gym. It’s very quick and helps to build a picture of how training can be adapted to get the best from the individuals and the team.

8.30am Whilst the coaches, medical and training staff have a meeting, the players have an optional ‘Core Club’ session. This is similar to Pilates, which focuses on breathing and core control, but is a bit more rugby specific.

9.00am First thing on a Monday morning, we watch the video of the game from the weekend. We look at the good things we did, so we can try to repeat them, as well as the bad things so we can improve on them. Most importantly though, we try to identify why things were good or bad so we can improve our decision making.

10.00am After a good warm up we train as a squad, where we work on organisation as well attacking skills like running and passing. Normally we have a variety of stations that focus on different things, and make sure everyone is involved all the time.

Receiving his Players Player of the season award.

Receiving his Players Player of the season award.

11.00am After our field session we have a break for lunch. Some players bring food from home, but sometimes a few of us go into Ealing to eat. We usually go to a place called Beehive because it’s nice, cheap and healthy.

12.30pm After lunch, the forwards go into the gym to do lower body weights, whilst the backs do a review of their game. To be honest, I don’t really know what they talk about, probably their feelings and whose hairstyle is the best. After the gym the forwards have enough time to grab a protein shake and sit down for 10 minutes.

1.30pm Next, the backs and forwards swap, we review the scrums and lineouts and the backs go into the gym. Again, in our review we look at the good and bad things we did in the game so we know what to repeat, and what to improve upon.

This is the last session of the day, so I usually cycle home at about 2.30pm. Once I’m at home I’ll shower and eat again before settling down to relax and do boring household chores.

I will usually eat another meal around 6.00pm and again at 9.00pm. This probably sounds like a lot but my meals are fairly small and healthy. It’s important to refuel slowly through out the day, rather than eating big meals three times a day.

I usually relax after dinner and get the next days kit, along with breakfast and lunch prepared. I’m normally in bed by 11.00pm before the morning cycle repeats itself again!

Adam is a pro rugby player for Ealing Trailfinders RFC. The Trailfinders play in the Greene King IPA Championship and Adam was voted their Players Player last season. He will be blogging on and off for us about his season, his daily life and what its like to be a pro rugby player.